It was now time to make use of those holes we drilled into the walls.  We went and bought several bales of cellulose insulation and rented the blower.  Running the insulation machine is a two-person job.  While one person is blowing the insulation, the other has to make sure the machine’s hopper remains full and the insulation chunks get broken down into small enough pieces before they enter the hose.  If large pieces get sucked in, the hose will quickly clog up.  This is especially important if you are using a reducer to blow the insulation into small holes in a wall.

Pulling the blower tube and control box up to the second floor.

Blowing insulation into the wall cavities is a VERY messy job.  It seems that more insulation gets sprayed into the room than it does into the walls.  A breathing mask is a must.

Installing the insulation into the small cavities below the windows.

Insulation blowing everywhere!

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