Since the heat gun just wasn’t taking off the paint, we decided to just remove the woodwork so that we could use a chemical stripper.  Removing the woodwork allows you to get all of the paint off, even the paint that in all of the cracks and crevices.

Woodwork removed around the first window.

Woodwork removed around the door.

Woodwork removed from northeast corner.

Plaster damage near heat vent.

Woodwork removed from north wall.

Woodwork removed from southeast corner.

When we removed the baseboards in this corner, we found 2 old postcards.  One is postmarked “1907” while the other appears to have never actually been sent.  The two lighter rectangular spots is where they were.  Apparently, they must have fallen down and disappeared behind the woodwork many years ago.

Woodwork removed from the tower windows.

Tower windows.

Woodwork removed from west wall.  More damaged plaster.

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