The first thing to go was the carpet.  Under the carpet we found white brick patterned square, self-adhesive tiles.  We removed a few loose tiles and see that the original wood floor is under there, except that it’s painted a caramel brown color.  Rather than remove the tile completely, we decided to leave it in place to act as protection for the wood floor below it.  When everything else is finished, we can then remove the tiles and refinish the floor.

The next step was to remove the paneling from the walls.  Upon removing the first piece, we discovered that is wasn’t actually paneling, but a material known as “masonite.”  We were also pleasantly surprised that the original plaster walls behind the masonite seemed to be in pretty good condition.  There was no paint on them, only bits of old wallpaper here and there.

However, the closer we got to the bay (tower) windows, the worst the condition of the plaster became.  There  was quite a bit of old water damage.

Once all of the masonite was removed, it was time to remove all of the old wallpaper.  We just used a wet sponge to dampen it, and then a scraper blade to remove it.  This process went pretty fast.

A shot of some of the old water damaged plaster on the south wall.

A closeup shot of the area above.

The west wall, after removing most of the damaged plaster.  This area seemed to have the worst damage.  Near the top of the damaged area, you could actually see right through the wall to the outside.  Since the damaged area went up into the ceiling as well, we discovered that the popcorn ceiling was actually a drywall ceiling attached to 1 x 2’s that were attached to the original plaster ceiling.

A close-up shot of the damage.  Note that the lath has completely rotted away.

Contemplating whether or not to remove the drop-down ceiling.

The drop-down ceiling lost the argument…

The drop-down ceiling, on the floor.

Under the drop-down ceiling, the plaster ceiling was in pretty rough shape, and there were several layers of old wallpaper still on it.

With the drop-down ceiling removed, the full extent of the damage on the west wall/ceiling was now visible.

Damage to the lower part of the west wall.

All of the loose plaster removed from the west wall/ceiling.

A better shot of the rotted out lath.

The south wall/ceiling had some damage as well, but it wasn’t as severe as the west wall.

A close-up of the south wall/ceiling.  Some of the lath was rotted out here, as well.

A few more holes in the ceiling, with all of the old wallpaper removed.

The pile of old plaster and wallpaper that was removed.

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