Our Latest Progress

Below is a "quick access" listing of the latest project(s) we're currently working on.  This area gets updated fairly regularly, so please check back often to see what we've been up to!

The Wood Restore Putty was sanded, so it was time to prime it… This part of […]
The Wood Restore Putty was dry, so it was time to give it a quick sanding… […]
The door trim and upper trim are ready for the light yellow (Vanilla Cream)… The trim, […]
Ready to prime the siding and trim sections… First coat of primer completed… Time for the […]
The Front Door Threshold is REALLY weathered and most of the paint is gone. I used […]
To determine where the last piece of siding needs to be installed, I measured up from […]
Trim ready for a second coat of primer… The upper trim, with a second coat of […]
Sanding more of the door trim… The trim, ready for the primer… Faces of the trim […]