Month: April 2022

To give the new drawer slides something to be mounted to, I will need to add this 2×4 to the back wall of the cabinets… It will need to be mounted to the wall, here… The new support has been installed… Beginning to install the slides on the drawers… The other piece then got installed […]
After drying over night, the drawer interiors got a final sanding with fine sandpaper… The interior finish of the drawers is now complete… To tackle the outside, I will be using Bondo to fill in the knotholes… Bondo, mixed and applied… I used a chisel to shave the Bondo down a bit… Then, finished up […]
The drawer interiors got a quick sanding… I will be using this wipe-on poly for the interior part of the drawers… The easiest way I’ve found to apply this type of poly is to first brush it on… Then use a soft cloth to rub it in… First coat completed on both drawers… After the […]
Today was less windy, and we have string storms in the forecast for tomorrow, so I want to try and get the south roof at least stabilized… It’s not the most beautiful roofing job, but it should be waterproof. After working on the west side yesterday, my muscles are SO sore today, it was all […]
Taking advantage of a period with no wind to try and get a bit of the damage repaired… The damage on the west side of the roof was mainly shingles that were pushed up and folded over. This piece should be able to be “glued” back into place… I was able to get the west […]
The winds have died down to around 30 mph, so I took the opportunity to go up on the roof to get a better view of the damage… The good news, at least the damage is at the upper part of the dormer. That makes repair a LOT easier… This part may be a bit […]
The second drawer, after the glue dried… I now have two drawers… The top edge of the drawers has a sharp 90 degree cut. To make that nicer, I’ll be using a 1/8 inch roundover bit and my router to soften it… Router set up, and ready… The drawers now have a MUCH nicer top […]
Since the wind is howling at 50-60 mph, with no end in sight, I may as well try to get something done inside… I been a bit scared to start this part of the project, because I’ve never built anything like this. But, I decided to finally try to build the first two drawers… I […]
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