Month: May 2021

I recently found the old obituary for the original owners of our house, in our local newspaper archives… So, I printed John & Charlotte’s photos, and found some matching antique frames on eBay to put them in. I though it was only fitting to hang their photos in the foyer of the home that they […]
I’m going to strip this entire handrail… Stripper applied… After stripping… I also did a bit more cleaning up of the topmost post… Detail of the topmost post.
Time to bring in the big guns… After only a few minutes, the old paint starts wrinkling up, and I’m able to scrape it all the way down to the original wood… I did a bit more stripping… The original wood is beautiful! One of our neighbors had told us that the Staircase was made […]
Now, my curiosity is peaked… I really want to see what the rest of the wood looks like under the paint. I first tried some of the “safe” stripper… And tried the plastic wrap trick to keep it from drying out… Two and a half hours later, it only removed the top layer of paint…
Since I had such great results with the de-greaser on the Staircase corner post tops, I decided to try giving it a try on the front door knobs. It, too, gets that “sticky” feeling in humid weather… I know we have never done a proper cleaning of these door knobs, and it looks like it’s […]
Whenever the weather is humid, the corner post tops on the stairs always get a “sticky” feeling to them. They looked like they had a “greasy” film on them. So, I decided to try giving them a really deep cleaning with a de-greaser… After deep cleaning, I was amazed at how nice and bright they […]
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