Year: 2020

The kids are always complaining about not having enough storage space, and there’s this big blank wall. Looks like it could use some shelves… Installing the first track… Then, the track for the other end… Then, the center track… And, finally the shelves…
I’ve been wanting to clean this room out to use to store the house parts that I have pulled off for stripping, cleaning, etc. Time to actually do it… Not sure if this old thing still works, or not. Doesn’t matter, it’s going… And it’s gone…
This was the first water heater we installed since we’ve lived here. I want to say we’ve had it over ten years. I have noticed some light leaking, recently, and rather than wait until it becomes a full blown disaster, we bought a new one… The leaks on top… Lots of calcification. As you can […]
Post one was placed back into position… Then, a long deck screw was used in each side to secure it. The top of the Post now fits a lot better, and looks better, too…
The next day, the wood repair putty was cured, so it was sanded with the hand sander… Actually looks pretty good… A first coat of exterior primer was applied. Then, a second coat of exterior primer was applied. When the primer was dry, it got a first coat of paint… Then, a second coat of […]
The next day, I used the wood shaping tool to quickly knock down the dried construction adhesive… Then, the hand sander to get it all nice & smooth… This side is a little low… As is this side… So, I applied some wood repair putty…
This project seems like it will never end… The top of this Post never seemed to fit quite right. It was cut at an angle. I’m thinking that whomever had them off before, when they added those extra 1x6s, cut the angle to match the angle of the sagging roof… Now, the top has been […]
I feel REALLY stupid for not realizing this a lot sooner. After re-installing Post two, I was looking at it next to Post one and noticed that the top section of Post one was a lot shorter. Meaning, the distance from the top of Post one to the point where it changed to the turned […]
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