Month: March 2018

I used some of the Kilz spray paint to cover the areas where the old paint was causing bleed through… Seems to have taken care of it… This is where the worst of the bleed through was happening… The new wall color… All of the corners and areas near the wood work, first coat, cut […]
It seems that it’s only going to take one skim coat on this wall. So, the next step is to prime it… Ready to be primed… Starting by cutting in the corners with a brush… All of the corners and areas near the wood work, completed… On to the roller… First coat of primer, completed… […]
After another sanding, it seems we finally have all of the rough stuff taken care of… As I previously stated; set up a ladder… More smoothing of the ceiling… Starting to do the skim coating on the wall. More repair work… Wall, first skim coat applied… More work on smoothing out the part of the […]
Continuing patching and sanding all of the bad spots… After being sanded. There are still some rough spots… More repair work… I started scraping off the ugly “popcorn” ceiling so that I can get a nice transition where it connects to the wall… After more sanding… Started working on smoothing out the part of the […]
This is the receptacle in the Office, on the other side of the wall… I opened it up… Then, disconnected one of the lines… And, moved it to the new receptacle hole… Then, ran a new length of wire from the new receptacle hole… And connected it where the old one was… And reinstalled everything… […]
A lot of the hard plaster layer on this part of the wall has become unstable and separated from the center layer… To make the best repair, all of the loose stuff has to be removed. These weird patches are in the center of the wall, about five feet high… Maybe they were for old […]
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