Month: August 2017

More sanding of the wood repair putty… It feathers really nicely… There were some low spots, here and there, so I mixed up some more putty and applied it… Trying out using a chisel on the dried wood repair putty. It works pretty well. After a bit more sanding…
Ready to continue repair work on the south side… I got all of the damaged strips removed from the next section… Next section, repair complete. Next section of repair, as viewed from the ground.
Because we live fairly close to the path of the band of totality, we traveled to Grand Island, Nebraska to witness it. This put us almost directly on the center line of totality. This is just about an hour before totality. Note the sun spots… Going… Going… Going… Going… Less than a minute to go… […]
I did a little sanding of the wood repair putty. It is fairly easy to sand…
I used the bottom of the post to create a “template”… Then, marked it so I knew the proper orientation… It will be used to make the notch in the new base for the Post plug to fit into… But, first I need to run the new piece through my planer to get the sides […]
To create the new base for the post, I bought a treated 2×6… Then, cut it down into four pieces… I then ran the pieces through my planer to make the surfaces perfectly smooth and level… The pieces were then glued up… Clamped… And, left to dry…
Last bit of of old paint to remove… Most of the old paint, removed… Wood restorer applied to all of the cracks and soft areas…
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