Year: 2015

The quick set drywall mud was sanded smooth, and then painted…
We noticed some water in the basement this morning… Tracing it back… The brick wall is soaked. Looks like the old galvanized pipe that leads to the faucet on the west side of the house has sprung a leak… This is the dielectric union that I put in a while back… I’ll just need to […]
Began cleaning up the old felt paper, and installing new that actually bridges all of the seams in the trim…
To finish up the wiring run that goes to the receptacle in the Courtyard, I need to tie it into an existing receptacle here the Breezeway. This is the nearest receptacle… All of the temp wall pieces were removed… While I’m adding the wire, I decided to go ahead and add a couple of receptacles […]
This area will now get sealed… First, the area was cleaned with seam primer… The,, rubber roof sealant/caulk was applied… Now, the other side… The area was first cleaned with the seam primer… Then the rubber roof sealant/caulk was applied… The entire edge has now been sealed. The part for the drain… After locating where […]
The edge, up under the roof eave, will now get an extra layer of protection. I cut an extra strip of rubber roof… The extra piece of rubber, ready to be installed… The adhesive was applied… Then, the rubber was glued down nearest to the wall… The leading edge was then rolled back… And the […]
Today, we’ll glued the new roof down. We won’t make the mistake we made last time by cutting the roof where the metal drainage gutters are. This time, we’ll be leaving the rubber in one piece. The first step is to get the rubber in place so that it’s covering the entire roof… Then, the […]
The piece of old roof was cut, leaving enough to be used to tie in to the new weather strip… Then, the thin strip that was cut was placed back on top of the strip of sticky weather strip. I plan to have the new roof cover this, hopefully creating a super weather tight seal… […]
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