Month: November 2013

I added the door stop today… Looking much better than it did… View from outside…
I want to keep the look of the old, original inner door, so I’m going to use it, as a base to build from… The old door was screwed into the frame to hold it in place. I’m switching it over to be hinged… I first installed the new hinges… Both hinges installed. Detail of […]
I ran a bead of construction adhesive around all of the frame parts today… Detail of the adhesive bead…
I picked up some shorter foundation screws… The shorter screws work a lot better… The old frame didn’t have a bottom threshold piece. I’m not sure if it originally had one, and it rotted out, or what. I think it makes sense to have one, so I’ll be adding it… Marking where the notches need […]
I had planned to use these long foundation screws to secure the door frames to the cement walls… I drilled holes, and then made countersinks so the bolt ends could be covered. But, the screws were just way too long…
I’ll be using some old salvaged 2x4s to replace the originals. The replacement 2x4s, cut to size… I used construction adhesive to attach the 2x4s to the wall, and used some scrap lumber to act as braces to keep everything in place while it dried…
The wood door frame for the inner door is in pretty bad condition… Lots of chewed up edges and missing chunks of wood… The other side of the frame’s condition isn’t much better… Lots of chewed up edges and missing chunks of wood, as well… I first removed the stops on each side. Then, I […]
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