Month: September 2012

Nail holes in the window trim pieces all filled, and sanded. Window trim pieces, painted. Before reinstalling the inside window sill, I put a small bead of caulk to act as a water deterrent… The new interior window sill, installed. Another view of the new window sill… This is the piece of trim board that […]
Before reinstalling the window trim, I need to get the wall board added to the rest of this section. Cleaned out and ready for insulation… R-13 insulation installed. New piece of wall board, installed. R-13 insulation installed in the narrow section between the door & windows. Bottom portion of wall board installed… Middle section of […]
The three pieces of vertical window trim, after being stripped. Not really sure what the odd, blue marks are. They are all roughly the same shape, and at the same height on the trim boards. Maybe it’s where some sort of brackets were at one time? The three pieces of window trim, after being sanded.
I roughed up the paint, so that the extension piece will adhere better… The new extension piece, cut to the correct size… The new extension piece, installed. These are the three pieces of vertical window trim, before being stripped. First piece of window trim, with the paint stripped off with the heat gun. Second piece […]
The only thing I got done this evening was to duplicate the bull nose edge on the new sill piece… Comparison of the old & new…
This is the inside of the window sill. The old piece has quite a bit of rot and is spongy in some areas. Also, for some reason, the ends and middle of the front side were notched out. I want the new sill to not have those notches. So, I’ll be entirely replacing it with […]
Now that the outside of this portion of the wall has been redone, I can now go back to working on the interior… Wall board, ready to be cut to size… Wall board cut, complete. New piece of wall board, installed.
The caulking in this section of the wall never got painted… Detail of the unpainted caulk… First coat of paint applied… Second coat of paint applied… All of the paint touch up completed.
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