Month: July 2008

Our neighbors hired a tree service… Lots of tree to remove… They were finally able to get the main part lifted enough to get the truck out from under it. Still a lot to remove… The kid’s play house got blown from where it usually sits. We’re lucky it didn’t get completely blown away. Working […]
Once the sun came up, we were able to go outside and get a better look at how much damage the storm caused… Where the half of the tree used to be… Looking down the alley. Quite a bit of tree debris. Another tree, just down the street. Looking toward where the tree fell. More […]
Just after midnight, a really strong storm front tore through our area. When it got here, it was packing 100mph straight line winds. We were under severe weather advisories, so I was still awake at the moment it arrived. When the front hit, it sounded like a ton of bricks hit the western side of […]
New posts cut down to the correct height, cross rails added and painted.
Set the post for the end of the westernmost section of fence. Testing the fit of the cross rails on the angled corner.
Because of the slope our yard has, we’re unable to make a 90 degree corner, so we’re doing a 45 degree turn. This will also blend in with the house design, since the Tower has a 45 degree face on it. Eventual path of the next section of fence. First post, set with cement.
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