Month: November 2007

Primed the wall areas and ceiling where the new shelves will go. Ceiling edges painted. Ceiling painted. Walls painted. Began painting the woodwork. Shelves installed.
We’ve scrapped of all of the texture that was added to the plaster walls, in the area where we are planning to put the new shelving. Looking up along the left wall. This pipe houses the wiring that goes to Bedroom 2. Left and back wall. Looking straight up.
Removed all of the wallpaper border… Series of photos showing a 360 view with the border removed. The removal of the border shows just how dirty the walls are…
Removed all of the paint from the woodwork inside the basement access area. And, removed a little bit from the kitchen side, as well…
When you open the door to go down to the basement, there is some extra space that we are going to try to take advantage of. We’re thinking it would be a great place to be able to store stuff that doesn’t get used too often. View from the Kitchen, looking into the basement access. […]
New countertop added to the corner cabinet. There’s a small area between the oven/stove and the other cabinet. So, I decided to build a small cabinet that will be used to store baking trays, etc. Base boards attached to the floor and wall. Supports for the cabinet bottom added. Cabinet bottom added. Cabinet back added. […]
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