Month: September 2007

The blue tarp we had in the windows had really begun to deteriorate, so we replaced it with a new brown one…
Window sills all repainted. I guess we’ll see how long this repair holds up…
I’m gonna try using Bondo to fix these sills… I used a wire brush and my electric sander to remove as much of the failed wood filler out of all of the cracks. It should be now ready for and application of Bondo.
Sides for the cookbook shelf, stained and ready to install. I stained the inside faces, and will stain the outside faces after they’re installed. Before adding sides. After adding sides.
It’s a bit disheartening when a repair you did just two years ago is already showing signs of failure… Apparently, the wood filler I used isn’t too good at holding up to the harsh elements. It’s begun to heave and crack the paint… Out of the four window sills, this one wasn’t too bad, so […]
I bought some oak strips and used my router to make a fancy edge. These were then nailed into place around the perimeter of the bar.
Added the brackets that will help support the bar. This will be attached to the cabinet back and brackets, and will give the actual oak bar something to be mounted to. I’ve marked out all of the spots of where the holes need to be drilled… Holes all drilled and countersinks added so that the […]
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