Month: August 2007

Got all of the new backing panels installed on the new island/bar.
Starting work on the island/bar section. End piece attached. Iron on laminate edging added. Time to get the section prepped for the new countertop. The old sink. We’ll be reusing this, so I’ll just use the old countertop as a template to cut the hole in the new countertop. New countertop marked and ready to […]
Added the final finishing piece to cover the gap between the cabinet faces.
Attached the spacing braces to one side of the new cabinet faces. Added an extra wooden brace from the cabinet face to the back wall. Installed a top piece to help with the countertop mounting. The other cabinet front was installed, along with the finished new side, and a top piece. New countertop installed. How […]
Bracing added to the new cabinet base. New bottom for the new cabinet section. These cabinet fronts came off of the weird counter extension thing. I’ve added a new side, and will need to add a small spacer piece in between the two fronts. I made these pieces out of thin plywood. They will be […]
The new pipes, ready to be connected to the washer. Washer and dryer, back in place, and connected.
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