Month: July 2007

Area where old sink and dishwasher used to be. Floor being repaired in this area. New backing board being stained. Building a new base for the new set of cabinets that will go here. This cabinet section was originally part of the strange counter extension. I’m planning to reuse it as a new cabinet. Measuring […]
This is how the new dishwasher will be positioned, next to the sink.
The old bottom in the sink cabinet was in bad shape to due to water leaks, etc. I went ahead and replaced the bottom with a new piece of wood and needed to make sure all of the new holes line up with the pipes in the basement. Everything looks like it’s lining up correctly. […]
In preparation for the new Kitchen pipes, I need to get things better organized down in the basement. The old galvanized and a super long flexible copper pipe are the current hot & cold water supplies for the kitchen sink and washer. The upper copper pipe is one of the new pipes I’m building out. […]
I need to drill holes through the floor for the pipes. So, I did some calculations and then taped out the area I needed to work within. Since the sink will be in an island, there’s not really an easy way to do a vent, so I’ll be making a loop vent. These first two […]
The current Kitchen layout is REALLY bad. It doesn’t help that there are 4 doors and 2 windows taking up all of the wall space. One of our main gripes is the location of the dishwasher. It’s positioned so if the dishwasher door is open, you can’t open the back door to go outside. The […]
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