Month: September 2006

More shingles added. This is the start of some of the pointed style shingles. Current state of the reshingle.
More curved roof, so another set of helpers… Fifth course of shingles added.
Front side completely covered in felt paper. I used lath strips to secure the excess felt paper around the back side of the Tower.
More felt paper added. The decking near the top of the peak is in pretty bad condition, especially on the smaller faces. These photos show the original piece on the left, and the replacement I made on the right.
Began removing more of the old shingles… Entire front now clean of old shingles.
The original wooden shingles were flexible, and able to conform to the curve of the roof. The new cement shingles aren’t as flexible. So, at the point where the most flex is required, I’m having to compensate by adding in a strip of shingle material to help bridge that gap. Otherwise, if I try to […]
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