Month: August 2006

Third level complete. Now, I just need to add some railing, and I can get to work replacing the roof.
Now that I have some scaffolding, I can get a really good look at the condition of the old wood shingles. As you can see, they are in pretty bad shape. It’s no wonder the roof leaks so bad in this area of the attic.
What better gift for the new patio, than a new bench?
Added timbers to keep the flowerbeds from falling onto the new patio.
Another layer of sand, and then packing it down. Pavers all laid and leveled. Locking sand swept into all of the crevasses, and then watered down.
Dug the area to the proper depth, then added some sand. Leveled and packed the sand. Then a layer of weed preventer cloth.
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