Month: June 2006

Example of the finished painting process. An actual old shingle is on the left, and one of my faux painted cement shingles is on the right. Pretty close match. It’s not exact because I used colors from the asphalt shingles on the Main Roof so that the Tower Roof will blend in with it. A […]
A bunch of shingles primed and ready for the painting process.
The tower roof is pretty difficult to get to. Using tall ladders isn’t an option. So, I’ve decided to build some scaffolding to give me a secure platform to work from… I’m going to attach it directly to the house, in sections. That way, once I’m done with the roof, I can continue using it […]
On the Tower Roof, there are three different shapes of shingles; curved, pointed, and straight. The first step of the painting process is to hit the raw edges with some primer that has been tinted to look like fresh wood. The second step is to coat the entire shingle in a dark greyish brown.
All of the shingles have now been cut down to the proper width. Next step will be painting them to look like old wood…
Still cutting down the shingles. I wanted to clarify just what the process is. This is one of the pieces that was cut from the full length plank. By cutting the planks down, into smaller pieces, the wood graining now runs the correct way. After running it through the table saw, twice, I now have […]
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