Year: 2005

This side of the door has been completely stripped. Door frames have been stained and clear coated, so it’s now time to reinstall the blocks that go at the bottom of each side of the door. The blocks for the door leading to the Kitchen, reinstalled. Laying out the pieces, ready to be reinstalled. All […]
Just like for the other doorway that leads the Kitchen, we removed the door frame in the Foyer to make the refinishing easier.
Door hinges are either tarnished really bad, or stained/painted over.
Sort of blurry shot of the door hardware, minus the door knob.  Looks to be a nice brass, with simple style. Mortise plate is really tarnished.
Time to strip all of the paint from the door leading to the Foyer. Paint all removed.
Final layering of the paint. I was able to duplicate some of the grain around this area. This one all finished, as well.  Now, we see how well they all match after the clear coat is applied.
Some paint applied to the Bondo to try and blend it in with the rest of the woodwork. Bottom hinge area before the base coat of paint. Door latch area before the base coat of paint. Some extra blending of several more layers of paint.  This is a tricky process to get the color exactly […]
The faux oak woodwork painting doesn’t look too bad on this door.  Only problem is, it only looks good on this one side.  The other side has been stained over, which makes it look awful.  It’s a shame that all of the woodwork that was faux painted in the 1910’s wasn’t painted as well as […]
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