Year: 2005

Since we’re working on the door frame between the Dining Room and Kitchen, we much remove the woodwork on the Kitchen side of the door frame in order to able to properly refinish it. Door frame parts all removed. Interesting find, hidden under the woodwork.  Looks like the original builders jotted down a measurement on […]
Here’s a closeup of the old door latch.  I wonder how many coats of paint are on this thing? Finally got the old latch removed, after much chipping away at the old paint.
Time to strip the door frames leading to the Kitchen and the Foyer.  On this side of the door frame, there’s still a part of an old hinge from the door that used to be here. On this side, there’s still the old latch. Area where a hinge used to be mounted. A close up […]
After doing a little weeding out of the junk left behind by the previous owners, we decided to take some new pictures of the basement.  The above is the southeast corner. Looking toward the northeast corner, from the southeast corner. Close up of the northeast corner. Looking toward the northwest corner. Looking toward the west […]
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