Month: June 2005

I tried to get an actual piece of the cement board to bend around this curve by first soaking it in water. This didn’t work. I also tried cutting grooves in the back. But, the curve is just too steep, and the cement board kept breaking. So, I used a piece of real wood, and […]
The window sill, after more wood filler, sanding and paint applied. I also did some work on the footer area, adding a 1×6 to bring it out to the same distance as the main wall decking. These pieces will go on the curved area.
The window sill, after some sanding and more wood filler applied. Making a little progress, but there’s still a long way to go.
With the wall decking repair work completed, the entire wall got a layer of felt paper. The sills on these windows are in pretty bad shape. Since it’s made from one continuous piece of lumber, I’m going to try and salvage it. First application of wood filler…
All of the beadboard has been removed. Lots of work went into cutting all of those thin slats of wood to make that corner curved. The bottom section of wall decking had some rotted out places, so I will replace it with new old wood. I also made a new bottom for the inside of […]
With the main wall structure in position, I removed all of the decorative pieces so they can be cleaned up, painted, and then reinstalled. While this is all exposed, I took the opportunity to replace the section of wall decking where the old drain pipe went through the wall. A few pieces of old decking […]
Piling forms removed. New footer set in place. Removed all of the temporary roof braces. So, the roof is now being supported by the wall. View of roof alignment from the outside.
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