Month: March 2005

Door sanded and ready for stain. Applying the stain.
Close up of the finished repairs.  This one appears a little dark in the photo, but it looks like a closer match in real life. Same with this one. For some reason, the camera makes the repaired area appear slightly darker than it actually is. This blended quite well.  it’s hard to even tell where […]
Kitchen door frame, all finished. Foyer door frame all finished, and one small bit of paint still needing to be removed from the door.  Then, this side of the door can be sanded and will be ready for stain.
This side of the door has been completely stripped. Door frames have been stained and clear coated, so it’s now time to reinstall the blocks that go at the bottom of each side of the door. The blocks for the door leading to the Kitchen, reinstalled. Laying out the pieces, ready to be reinstalled. All […]
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