Month: March 2005

This is what the window hardware looks like after quite a bit of elbow grease.
Matched the color of the stain pretty well, but the grain on the new oak is quite a bit different than the old oak.  Luckily, this is in a corner where it’s not that noticeable. Installed the shoe molding, and then began reinstalling the top part of the baseboards. More new shoe molding added. The […]
Door stained and clear coated. New floor repair sanded and ready for stain. First window frame stained and clear coated.
This is the hole where the old pipes used to go through to get down to the Basement. Added a piece of wood, from below, to act as a new foundation. Cut new pieces of red oak to fit into the spots where the floor was missing. Added some new wood on top of the […]
To finish the floor above, in the Dining Room where the old pipes used to come down to the Basement, we need to create a firm foundation. To achieve this, we just attached a piece of wood that completely covered the hole.  This should be enough to build up the floor above.
Got one window all stripped and began staining it.
Got all of the new shoe molding cut, fitted, and ready for stain. Ready to start stripping the paint off of the window frames.
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