Year: 2005

Rest of the drip edge primed and ready for purple paint. Drip edge paint completed. First pieces of window trim painted and reinstalled.
First pieces of drip edge painted purple, and the rest installed. Straight part painted with the primer/paint…
First pieces of drip edge installed. Rest of the drip edge ready for paint…
I’m going to use this piece of wood to create the curved drip edge for the bottom of the wall. Area where the drip edge will go… Main cut completed. Test fit. Looks pretty good… Curved piece, after being carved down to the correct shape. Curved part, lined up with the straight pieces that fit […]
I tried to get an actual piece of wood to bend around this curve by cutting grooves in the back. But, the curve is just too steep, and the wood kept splitting. So, I found a piece of plastic wood at Menards, and after cutting grooves, it was able to be bent around the curve. […]
The window sill, after more wood filler, sanding and paint applied. I also did some work on the footer area, adding a 1×6 to bring it out to the same distance as the main wall decking. These pieces will go on the curved area.
The window sill, after some sanding and more wood filler applied. Making a little progress, but there’s still a long way to go.
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