Month: October 2004

Finishing up adding the wall decking. Little bit more to go!
With the new footing dry, it was time to install the new footer boards. New footer boards from outside the Breezeway. Added the second layer of footer board for the section of floor that is a step up just outside the Kitchen door. Second layer of footer board from outside the Breezeway.  You can see […]
Ready to begin working on the section where the door is. Everything removed, down to the studs. Interesting that we found one of the window frame pieces being used as wall decking.  I’m guessing this probably came from the window that was on the wall that faces west. Breaking up the concrete slab so we […]
Added angled blocks to mount the crown molding to.  This makes it much easier than trying to attach the crown molding to the wood work and roof decking. Crown molding reinstalled. Drip edge painted the dark green color to blend in with the crown molding.
Decking all cut down to the correct size, the drip edge reinstalled, and the shingles all put back on the roof.
When it came time to put the crown molding back up on this peak, I noticed that the roof decking had been done so sloppily that it was uneven.  There was more overhang at the top, and less at the bottom.  In order to fix it, I’ll need to tear off the shingles, cut the […]
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