Month: October 2004

More upper trim added.  Also added the spacer board to mount the cement board skirt boards. Cement board skirt boards added.
Door frame trim all painted.  Some of the upper wood work added above the door. Door frame trim with the door closed.  Also, some of the upper trim painted.
Door frame painted. Door installed.  Originally, the door was hinged with the knob on the left side, which caused it to swing open toward the Kitchen door.  So, if you had the back Breezeway door open, and then wanted to go in or out of the Kitchen door, the Breezeway door was in the way.  […]
New door sill installed and painted.  Also added in the top part of the doorway framing. Filled in the top part of the wall above the door with wall decking. Entire new section of wall now covered in felt paper.
All of the wall decking installed. Time to install the door sill.  Bought a new piece of wood to make a new door sill. Began adding the felt paper… More felt paper added… New door sill all cut and ready for paint.
Touched up all of the paint, and removed the roof jacks.  Pop the champagne, I’d say this part is DONE!
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