Month: September 2004

Final pieces of the curved wood that makes up the top part of the windows. Window sill painted.
Siding decking all installed and window frames all painted. Where the two window sill pieces meet, ready for paint.
Damaged area all repaired with wood filler.  Just working on filling in any remaining low areas. Everything is much nicer looking now. A few small areas that still need to be sanded smooth before paint. Getting ready to build the rest of the window sill with a new piece of wood. New piece of wood […]
Lower right sash glazing paint all trimmed. Straight on shot of the almost completed area.
First four window frames installed.  We were able to salvage about 2/3 of the original window sill, which was also reinstalled. Prepping the rotted out portion of the old window sill with wood hardener. Detail of the area that will be repaired. More detail of area to be repaired.
Beginning to add the wall decking that goes below the windows. Also, adding the decorative curved wood that helps define the windows.
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