Month: August 2004

Siding all reinstalled on the wall next to where the Breezeway connects to the Servant Quarters. Dark purple drip cap reinstalled.
Menards finally put the light fixture we’ve been wanting on sale.  This has now been installed in the Dining Room. View of the new light and the ceiling medallion. Another view of the new light. View of the new light from the Sitting Room.
With all of the loose foundation bricks removed, it’s time to rebuild the foundation. Foundation all repaired. New lower decking board installed. Felt paper added.
Cleaned up the window glaze paint on the door and upper sash on the right window.  Also painted the window glaze on the lower right sash. Shot of the door section. Straight on shot of the new, almost finished, wall section. Shot of the entire front of the Breezeway.  Still a LOT of work to […]
Corner board all repaired and painted. Close up of repaired area. Area near the ground where the Breezeway connects to the Servant Quarters.  The wood here is in pretty rough shape. The start of the digging out process… With the piece of wood removed, it’s easier to see that the foundation is in really bad […]
Added in some horizontal braces between the first two studs for extra stability. Area where the Breezeway roof connects to the Servant Quarters is pretty rough.
Installed all of the studs for the back wall,being careful to space them correctly so that the old window frames will fit back in place. View of the new studs from the other direction.
New footer attached to the new footings.  We should now have a nice, solid foundation to build the new wall on.
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