Month: July 2004

Began painting the door with the dark green color, and added the lighter green highlighting.  Also added the right under window divider and painted the window trim the cream color. Full view of everything at this point.
Door all stripped and mounted in the new frame. Nice fit!  Looks like it was always part of the Breezeway.
Added the remaining siding boards, and then the under window center divider board. Framed in the area above the doorway. Added the outside decking board to finish off the entire wall. Felt paper now covers the entire section of wall. Set in the new door frame.  Also, started adding the trim for the other window. […]
Installed the left under window divider and then began adding the medium green siding boards under the first window.
Installed the door sill and painted it the cream color. Painted and added the trim board that goes beneath the window sill. Also added the bottom drip cap, painted it the dark purple and painted the bottom skirt board the cream color. Another view of the new door sill, drip cap, and skirt board.
Installed other corner detail woodwork piece and added the new wall bottom.  Instead of using wood for this piece, we decided to use a strip of cement board.  We’re hoping that by using cement board, it will keep this area from rotting out due to the extreme amount of moisture this area is exposed to […]
New piece of wood to make the new door sill. New door sill, completed. test fitting the new door sill. The outside decking board installed on the side of the door way. Felt paper installed.
Installed the first corner detail woodwork piece. Set the first stud to begin framing in the doorway.
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