Month: June 2004

The top part of the detailed woodwork was in bad condition, so I just went ahead and remade the pieces using some old wood we had on hand. Here’s the bottom pieces of the trim work repaired and painted. The new pieces, all cut and ready for paint. The vertical semi-round bars after all of […]
The wood siding, painted and the frieze panel reinstalled. Some of the frieze panel detail woodwork being glued and repaired. The frieze panel painted the light cream color.
The frieze panel pretty much came off with all of the detail work attached. Here, we’re assessing the full extent of the damage.  The most damage was at the same end where the wall sheathing was rotted out.
The bottom portion of the siding was almost completely deteriorated due to being under the roll roofing on the old Breezeway roof.  So, rather than replace it with wood, we decided to use cement board siding for the first course where it comes in close contact with the rubber roof.  We’re hoping this will deter […]
Frieze panel reinstalled. View from the back side of the frieze panel reinstalled.
The large pieces of siding, stripped, repaired and ready for new paint. Area of wall near the front side of the Breezeway before the siding was reinstalled. Area of wall near the front side of the Breezeway after the siding was reinstalled. Area of wall near the backt side of the Breezeway before the siding […]
New felt paper was added onto the wall sheathing.  Also, some of the new paint colors have been added to the top part of the window frame and the parts of the wood siding that were stripped. New felt paper installed. This is the frieze panel that runs at the top of the wall under […]
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