Month: June 2004

Added the soffit board to the underside of the roof rafters. Did some paint color testing to see what combination would look best on the brackets that go between the breezeway windows.
Stripped off all of the old paint between the window and where the new breezeway wall will be built. The old siding repainted with the new green paint. Fine, detail painting next to the window completed.
Repaired woodwork, ready for installation. Repaired woodwork, reinstalled at the top of the frieze panel.
Added the extra bottom plate for the section of the floor outside the back door, that will be higher that the rest of the breezeway floor.  Then, we added in the wall studs to begin framing in the area where the windows will be put back in. Cross-bracing added to firm up the wall.
We dug out and set two footing forms.  These were then filled with cement and anchor bolts were set in the cement. The end of the new bottom plate will be attached directly to the side of the Main House with a metal bracket. Close up of the anchor bolt set in the cement. One […]
We began cleaning out the old, crumbling cement that used to be the foundation for the front wall.  Buried in the dirt were a lot of interesting items. The area that used to be the old back porch. All of the old cement removed. We found a lot of old bricks that apparently were at […]
The semi-round parts repaired/replaced and painted the dark green color.  This acts as the primer for the dark purple color.  To the left, you can see the top parts all painted the dark purple color.
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