Month: May 2004

Since we’re tearing down the wall, we may as well do a little demo work in the interior.  Let’s start with that ramp thing… Ramp gone.  There was a lot of trash underneath it. With the ramp and all of the trash gone, it already looks a lot better. Upon closer inspection, it looks like […]
The wind blew the glass out of this window today.  I guess that means that we should maybe start doing something with this area of the Breezeway before it completely deteriorates. Starting to remove the layers of trim work. The window sashes and most of the exterior trim work removed. Window frames and the window […]
Before installing the last piece of the trim work, I added some caulk and flashing to help divert any moisture that may try to get through. Another piece of flashing to try and help protect the top of the piece of wood that sticks out further than the piece that goes above it. The final […]
The left and right trim pieces for the upper window have been reinstalled. Different view.
I went and bought a few gallons of antique white paint and used it to “tone down” the eye burning yellow paint we originally purchased.  The result was a much more pleasant butter yellow.  The color seemed to retain the brightening quality, but you didn’t need sunglasses to look at it. The east wall… If […]
After pouring over many a stack of paint chips, we finally found the perfect color to paint the new Dining Room.  We wanted a nice, bright, uplifting color. The southeast corner… The southwest corner… The northwest corner… The north wall… As seen from the Sitting Room… When we took that little paint chip to the […]
We painted the ceiling wallpaper the same off-white color as the moulding inside the ellipse, but we used a semi-gloss sheen to allow the details to better stand out.
The ceiling wallpaper installation complete.  Now it just needs to be painted.
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