Month: May 2004

Since we’re doing this a little backwards, by building the roof first, we had to set up some temporary “walls” to attach the new joists to.  We added another level line at the other side of where the roof slope connects to the flat part of the joists.  This will give us three points to […]
The level line has been attached to the top peak of the new roof joists. Then, we added another level line at the point on the joists where the slope ends. View of the area where the new wall is being built. I then used a circular saw set to the exact depth of the […]
New header joist attached to the main house. Removed the upper siding where the header joist will go on the west wall of the Servant’s Quarters. Upon removing the siding, we found a lot of rotted wood. Removal of some of the rotted out parts. Some of the studs were so rotted, they were no […]
Paint removed from the upper area of the main house.  The old Breezeway roof was attached on top of the old siding.  To make a better, more secure connection, we’ll be removing the upper siding to secure the header joist directly to the wall studs. Here, the top pieces of siding have been removed. Siding […]
All of the parts to create the new ceiling joists.
Roof completely removed. It looks strange without the roof.  I guess this is sort of what it looked like before the Breezeway was added.
Time to start removing the old tin roof. Part of the old tin roof removed, revealing the wood decking underneath. Tin roof removal moving right along.  With the tin taken off, some of the wood decking is quite brittle. Some of the old wood decking is in really good shape, though. A view from below. […]
The Breezeway roof, with the “quick-fix” roof removed.  It did it’s job over winter in keeping most of the moisture out.  I can’t say that the “quick-fix” roof I put on the Servant’s Quarters did as good of a job.  The wind has ripped it in several places and I’ve had to add many small […]
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