Month: April 2004

The first piece of wallpaper going up on the ceiling.  We chose this wallpaper to give the lowered part of the ceiling some character.  The wallpaper has an embossed design that sort of looks like the designs they used to imprint on tin ceilings. A close up shot of the embossed design of the ceiling […]
East wall primer completed. Southeast part of east wall primer completed.  Now, we’re ready for some paint.
With the insulation of the east wall complete, it was time to do the skim-coating. Both skim-coats completed and sanded smooth.
Time to take advantage of the warmer weather and get the siding reinstalled on the east side of the upper tower. Since the original siding pieces were in really bad condition, we’re replacing them with new cedar siding. Here are all of the new pieces, cut by using the old pieces as templates. All of […]
Holes drilled in the upper part of the east wall.  Ready for the insulation installation. The insulation blower.
Getting a sneak-peak at what the new crown moulding will look like… The north wall with the first coat of primer applied. Northwest corner with the first coat of primer applied. Southwest corner with the first coat of primer applied. South wall with the first coat of primer applied.
Second, and final, skim-coat sanded smooth.  We decided to try and save the best wall painting that we discovered.  In this case, it was the bird sitting on the stump.  So, we covered it with plastic and will do the rest of the wall work around it. Secondary chimney stack with the second skim-coat sanded. […]
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