Month: March 2004

The third piece of 1/4″ quarter round was then glued to the 2nd piece and the drywall ceiling.  The small pieces of toothpick were used, as well. to keep everything lined up properly.  Once all of the glue had dried, the ends of the toothpicks were cut off and sanded smooth.  After that, some wood […]
In order to tie the moulding on the inside of the ellipse to the drywall ceiling, I used 1/4″ quarter round.  Three strips, actually.  The first strip was attached by drilling small holes in it and then gluing it up to the edge of the drywall and securing it with small nails. Here, the circular […]
We needed something to go around the base of the ceiling medallion which would create a nice transition to the actual ceiling.  We took a piece of 1/4″ quarter round and soaked it in water until it was saturated.  We then formed it onto a large piece of OSB and used nails to hold it […]
Large crack on secondary chimney stack all patched. Large area patched with joint compound.
We plugged up the heating stove exhaust opening with some bricks and mortar. There was another heater stove exhaust hole in the secondary chimney stack.  We removed all of the brick and cement that was in the opening. Here’s a shot looking down the secondary chimney stack. Here’s a shot looking up the secondary chimney […]
The new medallion installed. New medallion from the other direction.  The new lowered part of the ceiling has also now been taped, floated, and primed.
Painting the new ceiling medallion that will go the center of the ellipse.  This piece gets the same off-white color as the inside moulding, and is also the eggshell sheen.
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