Month: February 2004

Since we’re getting rid of the light switch for the Dining Room on the west wall, we decided to move the light switch for this room from the other side of this wall.  Makes more sense to have the switch in the room where’s it needed.
Spot marked on the north wall where one of the new light switches will be installed.  The other will be installed near the door to the Foyer, on the south wall.  The original light switch for the Dining Room was over on the west wall.  Having the two new switches next to the two doors […]
We found this cool tobacco tin up in the ceiling cavity while getting it prepared for rewiring.  The tax stamp is dated 1910. The back of the tobacco tin.
We removed the ceiling fan.  It was basically just screwed into the ceiling with a surface mounted bracket.  No fixture box, at all.  We had heard a story about how the ceiling fan fell down on to the dining table of some people that were renting the house.  I’m not really surprised. In order to […]
In preparation for the new drain pipe, the heat duct that supplies the upstairs Bathroom had to be rerouted a bit.  The old cast iron drain pipe is at the far left.  The new PVC drain pipe is set in place (between the black cast iron pipe and the heat duct). While I was down […]
Just like in the Dining Room, below, we’re having to remove part of the wall to conceal the new pipes.  Here, most of the plaster has been removed. Here, most of the lath has been removed. The more difficult portion of the lath removed. The upper area, with the framing notched to accommodate the new […]
In order to move the drain pipe stack inside the wall, we’re removing the plaster and lath for the first section of the south wall. I just used a circular saw set to cut only through the lath, and ran it right down the center line of the wall stud.  Then, we just removed the […]
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