Month: February 2004

New drain pipe coming from sink. The sink drain pipe leading to the main drain stack. The new main junction of all of the new drain pipes. New drain pipe from the toilet. The new drain pipe from the bathtub/shower. The new vent pipe running inside the wall cavity. The route of the new vent […]
The first cut of the old drain pipe.  We left just enough old pipe before the joint to be able to tie the new drain pipe into it. The first section of pipe removed. The spot where the old drain pipe used to come through the floor. The rest of the pipe was cut into […]
This was the top of the drain pipe stack before it was removed.  Due to the size of this piece, we really weren’t able to take any photos during the removal of it, and the rest of the pipe that lead down to the Basement.
The vent pipe, before being cut off. Top part of pipe removed. About half of the pipe cut off. Pipe cut down to the floor There’s no turning back now…
Today’s the day to bring the old vent stack down.  We rented a pipe cutter, and started at the highest point, in the attic. Two cuts and the vent pipe has been removed from the place where it goes through the roof and where it goes through the floor, down to the Bathroom below. Looking […]
This area of the wall had what appeared to be cement over the area where the heat duct is.  It seems to be from when the central heat was installed because it’s in every area where there are heat ducts running in the walls.  My guess is when they tore open the plaster walls to […]
A few more “plaster washers” installed in the ceiling. Some joint compound applied to fill in the missing plaster. More joint compound applied to fill in the missing plaster.
Ceiling area around light has been filled in with joint compound, and smoothed. Last part of the new wiring complete.  Openings in the wall have been covered with new lath.  The hole where the old light switch was has been closed up, as well.  We’re also trying a new technique that I had found talked […]
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