Month: February 2004

With the new vent pipes in place, new lath was installed on the ceiling. Since this wall of the bathroom has its wall studs set sideways, it doesn’t have the same 4 inch cavity as normal walls do.  So, the vent pipe doesn’t quite fit inside the wall.  To remedy this, we had to increase […]
Joint compound applied to the areas that were missing plaster. More areas filled in with joint compound. The old heating stove exhaust hole, opened up.  You can see the new liner that was installed for the fireplace insert in the Parlor. Close up shot. View looking up the chimney stack. View looking down the chimney […]
Old plaster on the west wall, prepped and ready for repair work.
The new lath installed over all of the new plumbing work. New lath from a different angle. Drywall installed onto the new lath.
With the new drain pipe safely tucked into the wall cavity, it was now time to continue repairing the walls.  Here, we’ve installed all new lath where we removed it. I then made a new piece of wood that will help maintain the structural integrity of the ceiling joists that had to be notched, as […]
The new drain pipe coming through the ceiling. The new drain pipe with the clean out end. The new drain pipe connected to the old drain pipe. View from the other direction.  You can better see how the new drain pipe has been installed further away from the old cellar door.  This will now allow […]
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