Month: August 2003

Window trim top board painted the new cream color and reinstalled. The four beadboard trim pieces repaired with Bondo and sanded smooth. Detail of the Bondo repair work. More detail. More detail.  Not sure why they pieced the trim, unless they maybe ran out of full lengths and were forced to improvise. The four beadboard […]
The right and bottom framing around the diagonal decorative beadboard area have been painted the main trim cream color and reinstalled. Damaged original diagonal beadboard section. New beadboard cut to replace the original. New beadboard panels painted the dark green color. New beadboard panels installed. Trim work that goes around the beadboard panel area.  These […]
The previous owners had a dog grooming shop set up in here, hence the bathtub mounted on the pedestal.  We knew there was an area behind the tub that had been walled off.  So, since we weren’t planning on opening our own dog groomer’s, we decided to tear out the tub and open up the […]
New day, better shot of the two (cream colored) frieze boards that frame the shingles. The first course (straight, dark green) of decorative shingles installed. The second course (pointed, dark purple) of decorative shingles installed. Third course (pointed, medium purple) of decorative shingles installed. Fourth and final course (rounded, dark yellow) of decorative shingles installed.  […]
Support blocks installed to begin the process of reinstalling the upper west peak. Here, the two (cream colored) soffit boards have been reinstalled. The upper peak’s frieze boards, with the original decorative shingles. The upper peak’s frieze boards, with the replacement decorative shingles. The two (light green) fascia trim boards reinstalled. Here, the two (cream […]
The main pieces for the upper peak on the west side of the house in various stages of repair. The trim pieces for the upper peak on the west side of the house. Main pieces with their first coat of paint. The crown molding where it was chewed by an animal. The other piece crown […]
Upper part of the downspout installed and completely painted with the verdigris finish. Different view of the upper downspout. This lower eavestrough is temporarily being set to carry the water from the main roof, over the Breezeway roof, to the back of the house so it will drain down the back alley. Other end of […]
While at a local antique shop, we ran across this cool looking lightning rod/weather vane assembly.  We believe that the house originally had a lightning rod & weather vane on the top of the tower.  This one should go with the style of the house quite nicely. Detail of the weather vane arrow. Detail of […]
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