Month: June 2003

The roofing project began on April 24th, 2003.  At the time, the roofer estimated it would take two weeks, at the most.  Well, after nearly two months of broken promises, excuses, no shows because he was in jail, and water leaking into the attic every time it rained, we ended up firing him and hiring […]
We found out that the old East High school was going to be demolished, so we went to the auction to see what sort of things would be sold.  We ended up buying the hardwood floor in the old art room for $5.  Pretty good deal, if you ask me!  Now, we just have to […]
The trim work, where the tower meets the main house roof, was deteriorated pretty badly due to the many years of water leakage.  Some of the trim, pictured above, was so rotted that it got knocked off during the old shingle removal. The lower area showing lots of damage as well.
After a night of thunderstorms and hail, the next morning was bright and sunny.  The Goodyear blimp was also in town and did a flyover.  You can actually see it in the photo above right after it flew over our neighborhood.  Time to get back to work on that upper peak… The first course (straight, […]
With all of the pieces cut and painted, it was time to start reinstalling everything.  Here, the two (cream colored) soffit boards have been reinstalled. This photo shows the two (light green) fascia trim boards reinstalled. Here, the two (cream colored) frieze boards that frame the shingles have been reinstalled. And, as the sky gets […]
Using what was left of the original shingles, I duplicated them with new shingle wood.  Here, they’re all laid out how they need to be reinstalled.
The fifth course of (pointed, dark purple) shingles almost all reinstalled on the lower left-hand side. The final two courses of (pointed, medium and light purple) shingles reinstalled on the lower left-hand side.
The fourth course of (rounded, darkest yellow) shingles reinstalled on the lower left-hand side.
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