Month: June 2003

The dark green & dark purple crown molding has been added and the peak’s aluminum drip edging has been painted the dark green color.  This completes the east peak.  Now, to get work on the west peak.
The window sills for the tower windows are in pretty bad shape, showing the effects of many years of neglect and weathering.  Time to try some experimenting to see what sort of process will hold up the best.  The first window will be done using Bondo.  In the photo above, some Bondo has been applied […]
After a few days of removal work, and several trips hauling the flooring home on the top of our Explorer, we have finally completed salvaging it.  Now, it just needs to have all of the old nails removed and we need to find a place to store it until it’s needed.  We figured a good […]
  Photo of the front of the house, with the new roof complete.  We can now move this into the “completed projects” category. In the end, we removed just over 8 tons of old shingles from the roof.  The main roof had 4 layers, and in some of the valleys, there were up to 13 […]
The new shingles installed on the north side of the roof. North side completed.  Also, all of the ridge cap has now been installed.  
The door to the art room. Making some headway in the floor removal… What still needs to be removed…
All of the damaged trim work removed, and some old paint removed from the solid trim work. The diagonal beadboard, edging, and part of the surrounding trim work removed.
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