Month: May 2003

New shingles installed on the south side of the roof. New shingles on upper gable.
The original decorative shingles were in really bad condition.  Rather than try to remove all of the old paint and restore them, we figured it would be much easier to just replace them with new wood.  Here, I’m sorting out new shingle blanks to find sizes that can be used. The first course of flat […]
The new flashing installed.  Also, the edges of the trim boards and been painted (and, a friendly ghost poking it’s head out to say “hello”).
The beginning of the decorative shingle removal.  The felt paper behind the shingles was completely dry rotted and pretty much non-existent. All of the shingles removed from the lower sections, and new felt installed. The section of decorative shingles from the lower left side. The section of decorative shingles from the lower right side.  Notice […]
Since there is a small part of roof that runs along the bottom of the front gable, the flashing goes up behind the decorative shingles.  In order to replace the flashing, the shingles needed to be removed.  We decided that this would be a good time to restore that area, as well.
The center section of the back of the tower with almost all of the asphalt singles removed.  Note the interesting pattern that was created using the different shaped wooden shingles.  We are so grateful that the previous owners just roofed over the old shingles, rather than doing the proper thing and remove everything down to […]
While I had fairly easy access to this area, I went ahead and removed all of the old paint so that it would be ready for the new shingles.  I used a heat gun to remove the majority of the old paint, and then finished up with a scraper. The outer part of this area […]
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