Month: April 2003

Having never sanded a floor before, I did quite a bit of research before we began.  Here is a link to a very good article that basically tells you exactly how to do it: How to sand and finish wood floors We used a shop vac to vacuum the floor.  We wanted to make sure […]
Both doors with the first coat of clear coat applied.  We went with an oil-based, satin finish polyurethane. Some of the other pieces of the woodwork with the first coat of clear coat applied.
One window frame with the first coat of stain. Some of the baseboards with the first coat of stain. Applying the first coat of stain to the other window frame.
Main entry door with final coat of stain, and closet door with first coat of stain applied and wiped off. Closet door getting the second coat of stain. Main entry door with second coat of stain wiped off.
One of the previously damaged bullseye corner pieces, stained and clear-coated.
This little area next to the porch used to contain grass.  But, after adding the fence last year, this area now seemed more suited to be a flower bed.  Besides, you can never have too many flower beds, right? The new flower bed, as viewed from the sidewalk. The front stair beds (added last year) […]
April showers bring May flowers, and also leaks in the roof… It was time to look into getting a new roof.  We ended up hiring a local independent guy to do the job.  And, so began the long, arduous process of putting on a roof.  They say hindsight is 20/20.  But, we probably should have […]
The current eavestroughs are white, “k-style” steel.  These can’t be original to the house because the “k-style” eavestrough didn’t become widely used until the 1940’s.  That said, “k-style” eavestroughs don’t look that good on a Victorian house and these leak pretty bad, too.  This is the east side of the house. The eavestroughs on the […]
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