Month: March 2003

The next step was skim-coating.  Skim-coating fills in all of the small irregularities, nicks, scratches, cracks, etc., leaving a nice smooth surface.  For this process, we just used the pre-mixed drywall compound.  To skim-coat, use a wide drywall knife (the wider, the better) and apply a thin coat of the drywall compound to the entire […]
Since this lower area of the wall is hidden behind the baseboards, we just used scrap pieces of drywall to patch over the openings that were made to install the new wiring.
With the insulation installed, it was now time to plug all of the holes.  We just used the 5 minute drywall compound, adding a little more than needed, and then scraping off the excess before it was completely dry. Mixing more of the 5 minute drywall compound. Once the first batch of 5 minute drywall […]
It was now time to make use of those holes we drilled into the walls.  We went and bought several bales of cellulose insulation and rented the blower.  Running the insulation machine is a two-person job.  While one person is blowing the insulation, the other has to make sure the machine’s hopper remains full and […]
After the new ceiling drywall was floated, it was time to get it prepped for painting.  We used a pvc primer called “first coat drywall primer.” The primer evens everything out and depending on the nap of your roller, gives the surface a slight “texture.”  This also helps provide a nice, uniform surface for the […]
After using a heat gun to remove the biggest part of the paint from the woodwork, we discovered that it was extremely difficult to get it completely clean, especially in the cracks where the various pieces of woodwork fit together.  The only option we had was to remove the woodwork.  Because the woodwork is so […]
Like the woodwork in this room, the door hardware was covered in several layers of paint. After much research, we decided to try the “boiling” method. This method consists of placing the hardware into a pot of boiling water for a while. The heat causes the paint to soften up and easily be scraped off […]
We the use 5 minute drywall patching compound to fill in the area between the pieces and build the surface up to the same level as the old, surrounding good plaster. To make sure things stay nice and flat, we use a piece of angle iron (about 4 feet long) that can bridge the damaged […]
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