Month: January 2003

We’re going to be using a combination of blown-in and fiberglass insulation for this room.  We drilled 3/4″ holes in the top-center of each cavity of the exterior walls where the blown-in insulation will be injected.  This is the west wall. This is the north wall.  Only about half of this wall will get blown-in […]
This room has one receptacle (embedded in the baseboard near the northeast corner), and one light switch.  In order to figure out the best route to run the wiring for the re-wire, I did a little recon in the back attic.  It’s been a while since anyone has been up here and it’s full of […]
After all of the texture was removed from the walls, it was time to assess the amount of water damage to the plaster.  To do this, I just take a 5-in-1 painter’s tool and remove all of the soft plaster.  You can usually tell if the plaster is bad behind the hard surface coat by […]
The paint on the woodwork seemed to easily come off with the use of a heat gun. Some of the paint removed from the woodwork around the closet door. Some of the paint removed from the baseboards on the east wall.
Texture removal continues.  This is the east wall, almost completely clean of texture. The north wall with the majority of the texture removed. The northwest corner. The west wall.
After having the fireplace insert installed, we began noticing that the wall in the bedroom (next to where the chimney stack goes up through the center of the house) started showing some cracking.  We’re guessing that it’s being caused by the expansion/contraction of the flue now that it’s being used again. The cracks go pretty […]
Under the texture, the plaster was in much better condition overall. However, on the left side of the windows near the ceiling, there was a pretty bad area caused by what appeared to be an old leak (where the attic dormer meets the main roof). Close up shot of the plaster water damage.
When we bought the new light for the main floor, we bought a matching light for the second floor as well.  The photo above is the old light. A close up of the old light, complete with bug carcases. The old light fixture removed, and the old knob & tube wiring exposed. Enlarging the opening […]
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