Year: 2003

I guess someone was tired of looking at the ugly wallpaper…
I used some liquid paint stripper to remove the dark brown paint, and then sandpaper and steel wool to smooth down any paint imperfections.  When everything was as clean and smooth as I could get it, I spray all of the parts with Rustoleum semi-gloss black paint. The completed heat register, reassembled. The hole in […]
It was a fairly nice day today, as far as November goes.  So, I took advantage of it and brought the heat register outside to disassemble and clean it. The grate part was painted the same dark brown color as the old floors were painted.  There’s also some chipping revealing the original black paint underneath.
With the floor refinishing complete, it’s now time to reinstall the rest of the woodwork.  We laid out the pieces along the walls where they needed to go. The other pieces of woodwork, laid out. We just started at the entry door, and worked our way around the room, clock-wise.  This was the opposite of […]
We left the room closed up for 3 days after applying the second coat of clear coat.  When we opened the door, we were amazed at how nice the floor turned out. A few more views of the finished floor. Not too bad for a first attempt at refinishing a floor.
Time to get started on restoring the old windows.  There are a lot of advantages to restoring your old wooden windows rather than having them replaced with new vinyl windows.  The main reason is, your wooden windows were made for your house.  If you replace them with something “off the shelf” they just won’t look […]
After the first coat of clear coat had dried for 24 hours, we lightly sanded it with a hand sander using 120 grit sandpaper.  The main objective here is to just scuff the surface up and knock down any small globs, drips, runs, etc. that may have gotten into the first coat.  After the sanding, […]
Clear coating was done in the same method as the staining.  The key is always keeping a “wet” edge. Detail of the clear coating process.
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