Month: September 2002

A few months prior, we had been digging around in the basement and came upon this heavy cast iron part, but we had no clue as to what it was.  While opening the fireplace, we noticed that there were some unusual hooks on the backside of the outer frame.  They didn’t seem to have anything […]
Melissa always wanted a fireplace, wood burning, preferred.  So, it was eating her alive that the fireplace was bricked closed.  One day, she decided that she was going to open it up to see what condition it was in. After the brick wall was removed, the firebox and flue were filled with several loose bricks […]
The entire upper part of this section is now painted with the new colors.
The eavestroughs on this section of the house were falling off and leaked everywhere causing water damage to some of the lower parts of the wooden areas.  “K-style” eavestroughs just don’t look right on an old house anyway.  So, it’s time for them to go… The eavestroughs gone.  Now, just to find a suitable replacement…
Having never been up on the roof, I felt that it was time to go up there and take a look at things, up close.  Since the pitch of our roof is extremely steep, I had to get a rope around the chimney and use that to maneuver around up there. View from the bottom […]
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