Month: June 2002

You can’t have an old house, and not have a picket fence, right? We wanted to start making the courtyard area more like a courtyard.  So, we went fence shopping.  No place sold fence pickets with interesting tops, so we decided to buy plain pointed pickets and cut our own design into the top of […]
The southeast corner had some damage to the drip cap and the bottom lap board was rotted out.  The previous owners simply painted over it, so it was sort of “hidden.”  After removing the old section of lap, we just slid a temporary piece of lap into it’s place. The damaged drip cap will have […]
Instead of leaving that area between the patio & driveway as grass, we decided that it might be better to add some more flower beds.
After removing the paneling, we began scraping the texture off of the walls. This went surprisingly easier than we thought it would. Texture removal began near the door.                  
I’m not sure why, but it appears that we took no photos during the process of cutting, staining, finishing or installing the crown molding.  Anyway, here are the finished photos.
While browsing at a local antique mall, we ran across an antique door that was an exact match to the breezeway’s back door.  So, we will now have matching doors on the front and back, someday!
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